Growing with Chris and Christina

Fall Family Portraits 2014

I have known Chris and Christina for quite a long time now. I first met Christina's sister, Heather, in grade three and have been close with their family since then. In October of 2014, Chris and Christina asked me to do their first family portraits. I knew that I found my absolute love for family photography when I captured these sweet moments with Chris, Christina and their smiley little guy Hudson.

Hudson's First Birthday

Our next session was in May 2015, when Hudson turned one year old! I was so happy to have the opportunity to take photos of his exciting smash cake experience. 

Christina's Maternity Portraits

This session was so much fun in early February 2016, and it was my first maternity shoot that I had ever done! 

Georgia's Newborn Portraits

Once C & C welcomed their new bundle of joy to the world, I had the absolute pleasure of taking her newborn photos. Introducing, seven day old Georgia, born on February. 29, 2016. I have had a lot of firsts in my photography with this family, including this newborn session. I can completely appreciate the art of newborn photography and the photographers that have mastered this craft. It is such a special experience, and one that I will always remember!

Fall Family Portraits 2016

October 2016 rolled along, which was perfect for fall family photos, but to also take C & C's photo of the two of them for their wedding invitations! 

Georgia's First Birthday

Georgia was so smiley, just like her brother was on his first birthday. It was a super fun day in late February 2017! Christina is so creative, she was the mastermind behind that beautiful unicorn cake!

Chris and Christina's Wedding

And just like that, it's wedding day mid May 2017! I was so honoured to continue my photography for the family. Although, this was not my first time capturing a wedding, it was so wonderful and an emotional day for everyone. The day couldn't have gone smoother, it was all just magical.

Hudson's Third Birthday

We had so much fun (and cake!) for Hudson's third birthday party in late May 2017. 

Fall Family Portraits 2017

October 2017! Here are the most recent photos I took of this beautiful family! 

As I sit here writing this post, I can see the progression in my work and I feel so great about the photographer that I am today. Not only have I watched their beautiful family grow, I have grown as a photographer as well!