Founded by Jessica Kalman, a professional photographer with over 10 years of photography experience.

KLMN Media was created to help businesses capture the essence of their brand. Content is content, but good quality images at a high resolution is what will set your experienced business apart from the rest. We look forward to getting to know who you are as a business!


About Jessica

Hi! I’m Jessica. Photography is my biggest passion in life. Every time I have my camera in my hand, I am happy and ready to capture real life moments.

My love for photography began at a
young age. As a child I developed an artistic eye for
capturing images of flowers, animals, and the world
around me through photographs.

One of the most significant factors that encouraged my
love of photography was during my time as a model at
age 17. Being able to see both the edited and unedited
images of the photos caused me to notice the
modifications made to my chin and nose. While this
upset me, I began to realize that I had the ability
to take quality photos that would not change the nature
of someone’s facial features. This fuelled me to
become a photographer who captures my clients’
natural beauty and to not use photoshop to alter facial or body features. Due to my passion, portrait photography became the type of photography that I excel most in.

I can’t wait to work with you!